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How to make a flower crown - flower power in four simple steps

Flower crowns are stunning! What if a flower crown can be made all by yourself! Let's learn how to DIY your own flower crown following some simple steps!

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A guide to using dried flowers in your home decor

Dried flowers are a trendy item for home decor all around the globe. They can turn your home a happier and cozier one for you. Learn the ways to use dried flowers in your home decor along with some DIY tips!

DIY Flower Trends Home Decor

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How to dry Hydrangeas

Love Hydrangeas? Learn how to dry your very own stems, so you can enjoy dried Hydrangeas all year round.

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The ultimate guide to Billy Buttons

Curious about Billy Buttons? Well, our ultimate guide to Billy Buttons explains the basics, growing, caring and some DIY decoration tips and more! Dive in to learn the secrets of Billy Buttons!

DIY Flower Guides Home Decor

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What is the Difference between Dried and Preserved Flowers?

You want to enjoy the freshness of flowers for a long time. But, you are confused about the way to do this. Our article will guide you to choose the right way between dried and preserved flowers along with some DIY tips.

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Is this the weirdest flower ever? The Lotus Pod

Lotus Flower is a thing of beauty. Along with the flower, different parts like the lotus pod, lotus seed, stem etc. can be used for floral arrangements, consumed and used for a lot of different purposes. The lotus pod might be the weirdest flower among all the existing flowers in front of us. Let's figure out a number of uses for this weirdest or fascinating flower.

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How to care for your new dried flowers

Your preferred box of dried flowers and grasses has arrived at your door steps. Our dried flower care guide will help you to take proper care of your beloved items and enjoy it's beauty!

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There is No Moonpig Australia, But There is Flowers Across Australia

Moonpig Australia doesn't deliver flowers here in Australia, but Flowers Across Australia does. Discover the wonders of gifting your loved ones dried flowers, delivered right to their door.

Flower Trends

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The Secret Benefits and Uses of Lavender

Both fresh and dried lavender has numerous benefits. We have gathered lots of ideas and secret benefits of lavender in this detailed guide. Whether you want to incorporate fresh or dried lavender in your daily life, this guide is for you!

DIY Flower Guides Flower Trends

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Australia's Top 5 Native Flowers

We have an abundance of incredible natural flora here in Australia, and we want to showcase it! Here is our list of the Top 5 Australian Native Flowers.

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Trend Alert! Boho Style Home décor

Boho Style is fast becoming one of the biggest trends across home decor, not to mention fashion. Let's dive into what boho style actually is, and how you can get the look.

DIY Flower Guides Flower Trends Home Decor Occasions

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Pampas Grass - The hottest decor trend of 2021

So you have seen it on Instagram, maybe on a home decor blog. We get it - Pampas Grass is one of the hottest decor trends right now. But did you know its illegal here in Australia? Don't worry! We have plenty of alternatives to fix this problem.

DIY Flower Trends Home Decor Occasions

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