Fresh Flowers by Post

Welcome to our collection of Fresh Flowers by Post! These beautiful blooms are picked from your local flower farm and then eco wrapped with love by our very own small team of florists in our floristry studio in Preston. Then, the mail man works his magic, and our blooms arrive fresh as a daisy at your front door! Browse our stunning collection below.


Welcome to our collection of Fresh Flowers by Post! We place great value in delivering only the freshest and healthiest flowers available. These beautiful blooms are picked from our local flower farm, carefully arranged into exquisite bouquets, and eco-wrapped with love by our small team of florists in our floristry studio in Preston. Browse our stunning collection below for a bouquet for any occasion.



Popping with bold, bright colour, our Alice bouquet is designed to make an instant impression. Its electric pink flowers are stylish and playful, and are complimented very well by the delicate and long-lasting statice flowers. This bouquet is a great choice for the confident, passionate, and fun-loving person who enjoys making a chic, yet subtle, statement.



A delightful feast for the eyes, our Poppy bouquet features rich, deep hues that invite and invigorate. The fiery tones of the fresh snapdragons, carnation, and rose are perfectly tempered with the cool, gentle greens of the lilies, bringing a lovely balance to the arrangement. This bouquet will be a great addition to spaces with pastel and neutral colours, as it will provide a lovely pop of colour.



This lush arrangement of gorgeous orchids will undoubtedly have you fantasising about your next dream destination. With a heady combination of purple, orange, and red orchids, accentuated by deep green foliage, our gorgeous Ivy bouquet heartily celebrates the magnificent and exotic orchid flower.


Red Orchids

Thinking about what to send that special someone? Distinguish yourself from the rest by going for this striking bouquet of red orchids. Accessorised with a tropical Monstera leaf that infuses the arrangement with a sense of adventure and romance, this bouquet is the perfect way to show your sense of originality, thoughtfulness, and creativity. And who knows, the two of you may soon be calling it “our flower”…


Green Orchids

Slightly more understated than other orchid varieties, but with a distinct style, green orchids are an elegant option for most occasions. They are refreshing and tranquil, and their relative rarity means that they are a sought-after and highly regarded flower in the ornamental world. Let someone know you’re thinking of them today with these precious beauties.


Blue Orchids

Inherently soothing and uplifting, blue is a special colour that inspires contemplation, creativity, and stability. This makes our Blue Orchids the ideal bouquet for your office and any other space where you want to nurture a peaceful, yet productive, atmosphere. This bouquet would also be a superb choice for spas and wellness centres that want to create a serene and relaxing environment for their clients.



Bursting with exuberant colour and volume, our Nova bouquet is truly one of a kind. Featuring a wide array of some of the most beloved and highly prized flowers, including sunflowers, roses, and chrysanthemums, this bouquet has something for everyone.



Our charming Ava bouquet exudes thoughtfulness and sincerity. Its predominantly warm and gentle tones inspired by the roses and gerbera's are complimented well by the vibrant purple of the statice flowers, which add a bit of flair to the arrangement. Comprising both a tender and cheerful side, this bouquet works right across the gift spectrum from an apology gesture to a congratulatory gift.


Pink Lilies

A melody of luscious pinks, greens, and soft yellows make up this sumptuous bouquet that inspires a sense of irrepressible energy and vitality. Although commonly considered feminine and delicate, lilies are some of the toughest and long-lasting flowers in nature. This arrangement is ideal for anyone who is embarking on a new job or career path, or starting a new chapter in their life as it radiates hope, positivity, and fresh beginnings.



Sunflowers are known as the “happy flower” for a reason. Renowned for their ability to find the light in every situation, these sun drenched beauties are always living their best lives. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable pick-me-up gift to lift someone’s spirits, look no further than our delightful Sunflower bouquet.


David Austin Rose

An English classic, the David Austin rose is a symbol of elegance and has been so since the 1960's. Their international award-winning roses are first and foremost known for their wonderful, rich fragrance and, secondly, for their multiple-petalled blooms. Why not treat yourself to a touch of beauty, or share this beauty with a loved one.


Yellow Lilies

With resplendent blooms that can light up any room, our Yellow Lilies bouquet is truly riveting in its splendour. This lily’s dazzling yellow flowers exude unbridled joy and a love for life that can be matched by few other blooms. Surprise someone today with a bouquet of yellow lilies in the mail just to let them know that you’re thinking of them or simply to express how glad you are to have them in your life.